Top Sports Teams at Schools in North Central Colorado

Are you looking for the best school districts for sports in Colorado? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top schools in the North Central region of the state based on student and parent ratings and statistics. The North Central Conference (NCC) is a college athletic conference that was founded in 1922 and is composed of eight schools, including Thomas University, the University of Des Moines, Creighton University, North Dakota College of Agriculture (now North Dakota State University), the University of North Dakota, Morningside College, the University of South Dakota, and Nebraska Wesleyan University. In the last season of the conference, two affiliated members played soccer. Both were public schools.

All three of these schools transitioned their track and field programs from Division II to Division I; they became founding members of the FCS Division I Great West Football Conference, which began playing in the fall of 2004. The University of Northern Colorado left the conference in 2003, followed in 2004 by North Dakota State University and South Dakota State University. If you are looking for a great school district for sports in Colorado, these are some of the best options in the North Central region. With a rich history and competitive teams, these schools are sure to provide an excellent experience for students and parents alike.