How Do Schools in North Central Colorado Rank Compared to Other Regions in the State?

Financial information on schools and districts across Colorado is available, with the most recent stories in a Google news search on the terms Colorado education policy. The Colorado public school system (from pre-kindergarten to first grade) is managed by locally elected school boards and superintendents, as mandated by the Colorado Constitution. Colorado has achieved the highest scores in both chances of success and school performance when compared to neighboring states. School boards can have five, six, or seven members, who serve four or six year terms and can be elected by geographic district or in general.

The state's graduation rate is 76.9 percent, the second lowest among neighboring states. Additionally, the U. S. Census Bureau found that approximately 45.6 percent of school system revenues come from state sources, while about 45.3 percent come from local sources. The majority maintained that section 6 of Article X prohibited religious schools and parents who wanted to send their children to those schools from receiving public benefits due to the religious nature of the school.

Colorado school choice options include charter schools, a limited, location-specific voucher program, open enrollment policies, and online learning programs. Recent education bills introduced or approved by the Colorado state legislature are listed below. Compared to three neighboring states (New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming), Colorado students scored the highest in all categories. The Colorado Term Limits Act, which was added to Article XVIII of the Colorado Constitution, limits any non-judicial elected official from any county, city, town, school district, or other political subdivision to no more than two consecutive terms. Colorado ranked 35th in the overall ranking for union power and influence, or weak position, which ranked fourth out of five levels.

The primary lobbying organization in the educational government sector is the Colorado School Boards Association. The following table contains links to all school board elections within the scope of regular Ballotpedia coverage in this state, which includes all school districts of the 100 largest cities by population and the 200 largest school districts by number of enrolled students.