Top Graduate Schools in North Central Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

Designed for future students looking to take their education beyond a four-year degree, the rankings of the best graduate schools evaluate programs in a variety of disciplines. As an expert in the field of higher education, I understand the importance of finding the right school for your graduate studies. That's why I'm here to provide you with an overview of the top graduate schools in North Central Colorado. Northern Colorado University (UNC) is one of the top schools in the region, offering a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling since 1964. This two-year program combines coursework and practical instruction, and includes supervised clinical practice experiences on campus, working with individuals and their families, as well as an off-campus internship at a community services agency.

Graduates of the program become certified rehabilitation counselors and are eligible to become licensed as professional counselors. An additional benefit for UNC students is the availability of competitive funding through a grant from the U. S. Department of Education aimed specifically at increasing the number of qualified vocational rehabilitation counselors.

The grant, which is part of the RSA Long-Term Rehabilitation Training Scholarship Program, covers nine tuition and fee credits, student health insurance and a stipend. This year, the Colorado School of Public Health (ColoradoSPH), which offers master's and certificate programs at three Colorado universities including UNC, also ranked among the top 20 public health schools and programs in the country. With two more positions than last year, ColoradoSPH now ranks 17th out of 206 Master of Public Health (MPH) programs accredited by the Council on Public Health Education. News & World Report also ranked UNC among the best online master's degree in education and MBA programs.

For more information about graduate programs at Northern Colorado University, visit the Graduate School website. In addition to its campus in downtown Denver, the university operates a medical school in nearby Aurora and an additional satellite campus in the suburbs of Parker. The university is also ranked as one of the best schools for Colorado veterans and currently educates approximately 1,000 former members of the military. GreatSchools is the leading not-for-profit organization that provides high-quality information to help parents achieve an excellent education for their children, schools that seek excellence, and communities that work to reduce inequities in education.