Vocational and Technical Programs in North Central Colorado: An Expert's Guide

Are you looking for a vocational or technical program in north central Colorado? With a variety of options available, it can be difficult to decide which school is right for you. From public institutions to private trade schools, there are many options to choose from. In this article, we'll provide an overview of the best trade schools in Colorado, as well as information on accreditation, scholarships, and more.

Ranking of the Best Trade Schools in Colorado

When it comes to selecting a trade school in Colorado, it's essential to compare the different options available.

Many of these highly sought after fields offer higher-than-average wages and strong projected employment growth. Vocational and trade schools in Colorado typically have national accreditation from a specialized agency, such as the Professional Schools and Universities Accreditation Commission (ACCSC), which has the approval of the Department of Education.

Colorado Springs Technical Schools

The area below includes contact information and basic descriptions for major technical schools in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as well as outlying areas. Students at Colorado trade schools can earn certificates and degrees in many high-demand fields, such as healthcare, skilled trades, and personal services.

The public institution, located in Colorado Springs, offers online and on-campus enrollment options that appeal to a variety of students. With a 40-year history of preparing Colorado Springs students for careers in the health field, Intellitec Medical Institute is one of the most respected vocational schools in the region. The Colorado Springs campus is accredited by ACICS and offers associate degree and diploma programs in accounting, business, computer science, dental care, paralegal studies, massage therapy and healthcare.

Scholarships for Trade School Students

Students who attend trade schools in Colorado may qualify for scholarship opportunities offered by private foundations, professional organizations, and government agencies.

Established in the Colorado Springs community since 2002, the Pima Medical Institute offers associate degree programs in health management and veterinary technology, and certified courses in dental care, medical care, pharmaceutical technology and veterinary care.

Accreditation Status

Prospective trade school students should always check the school's accreditation and licensing status before applying. Only students at accredited institutions are eligible for federal financial aid, and many schools only accept degrees and credit transfers from accredited institutions.

Trade Schools Near Greeley

Students choose between the online and in-person courses offered by the public institution from their location in Greeley, Colorado.

The school offers certificate and associate degree programs in veterinary technology and is accredited by the Occupational Education Council.

Cosmetology Programs

The Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy is one of the most respected names in the cosmetology industry and the Colorado Springs campus offers the school's popular cosmetology program. The Paul Mitchell School has a nationally recognized cosmetology program at its headquarters in Colorado Springs. Making an informed decision about which vocational or technical program to pursue is essential for success.

With so many options available for vocational or technical programs in north central Colorado, it's important to do your research before making a decision. Be sure to check each school's accreditation status before applying for any program. Additionally, look into scholarship opportunities that may be available to you.