Special Needs Programs and Resources for Students in North Central Colorado

For families of young people (0-2) who have suffered a brain injury, the Colorado Department of Human Services offers Mindsource Brain Injury Network, formerly known as the Colorado Brain Injury Program. This program provides access to the necessary supports for recovery, with BrainSteps consulting teams helping school teams develop and implement educational plans after an acquired brain injury. Cerebral palsy patients and their families can also receive financial, emotional, and community support. Students graduating from an inclusive higher education program in the state spend two to four years at the university studying their chosen subjects and receive a comprehensive higher education certificate.

This certificate reflects their academic record and shows that they have completed a modified course. Additionally, center-based programs are specialized classrooms located in many neighborhood schools across the district. The office also provides guidance on how to promote students' overall school success and helps them cope with life's challenges. If students start to fall behind in class, the office steps in to help. It also offers a driver's education program through which four students can obtain a driver's license.

HB22-1260 Student Access to Medically Necessary Services requires each administrative unit (AU) to adopt a policy that addresses how a student with a prescription from a qualified healthcare provider can receive treatment in the school environment. We ensure that young students with difficulties or delays in development get the help they need to succeed in school. Free informational conferences are available for parents to promote essential partnerships that support and include children with disabilities and their families in schools and the community. School districts must designate an employee to act as a contact person in county jails. Many of the jobs available to these students are “quite simplistic in nature”, such as positions in grocery stores. This can be a big fall for students after graduation, as there is often nothing else to do.

The university allows them to start a profession where they can mentor students and earn a better salary that will hopefully allow them to move out of their parents' house. Students participating in the resource program receive individualized instruction and intervention to support their academic, behavioral, communicative, social, emotional, adaptive, sensory, and physical needs in the least restrictive environment. Colorado students enrolled in inclusive programs pursue higher education just like any other college student. OSEP updated its Questions and Answers on the care of children with disabilities whose parents attend private schools. Four institutions of higher education (UNC), Arapahoe Community College, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and Regis University now offer programs of this type. Disability advocates will benefit from a new round of state funding that will promote a grant program aimed at developing more inclusive programs across the state, particularly in rural Colorado.

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